The Scarfbelt : designs for any style

Apr 11 2013

One thing that we have realized while choosing prints and patterns for our scarves, is that we can’t really pigeon hole the designs into one particular style. There is really something for everyone.

When the show Mad Men premiered in summer 2007, there was a resurgence of the classic and sophisticated office looks of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Whether by tying a square silk scarf around the neck, or pulling a Jackie O by wearing a headscarf, the fashion statements of this era were back, and these vintage looks are still popular today. We love to wear our square Anne Scarf around the neck for a look that references this fashion moment in American history.  While sharp, sophisticated, and fitted looks were becoming the trend in the United States, in London in the 1950s and 1960s, the mod subculture was developing its own unique sense of style. Fashionable modelss like Twiggy were often photographed in graphic, colorful patterns, like the ones featured on the McLean scarf.

Ever since the rise of the hippie culture in the mid 1960s, there has been a demand for the “boho look”.  While we may not be hippies in practice, we still love the colorful, free-spirited influence this group has had on fashion. The trefoil design on our Winston Scarf is reminiscent of the Batik patterns that have always been popular in Bohemian fashion.

What’s great about these moments in fashion history is that they have remained on the cutting edge even 60 years later. We love that we can reference moments like this in the designs of our scarves.