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Apr 4 2016

Horse and Hound scarf is back in stock!

Pair it with a pair of white jeans and a simple spring top imagefor a casual yet finished look.

Mar 15 2015

Here Comes Spring……..


Sep 2 2014

Summer Over? Really?!?!

Sure doesn’t feel like it here in the Carolina’s where we are simply sweltering!!! Despite the suffering heat, Beebs and Bess has been busy gearing up for the Fall season.

We are looking forward to having loads of fun at Martha’s Market in Charlottesville, Va., October 9-12. The last few days in October through the first few of November we will be at the Junior League holiday show in Raleigh.  This will be our first time as vendors at both of these events and we are thrilled to have been accepted!  Right after Raleigh, we will hit the road again to Virginia, back to Middleberg.  The Christmas Shop at Emmanuel Episcopal Church was our first really big show last year, and it was a great experience.  We can’t wait to see again the wonderful folks we met, and look forward to meeting new ones. Something is very special about that area in Northern Virginia – we were in Upperville in June and made some great friends.  Lovely, laid back, gracious people…

Shhh… is a secret.  We have a terrific new ladies’ accessory coming – hopefully we’ll be able to introduce it at Martha’s Market.  Hint: it is not worn around the neck, waist, or over the shoulder – but it is worn ’round! We LOVE it, and know that you will, too!!!

Great last bit of news – our friend and illustrious scarf designer, Dagmar, has moved to Winston-Salem!!! Yippee!!!!!!!! As busy as she has been settling into her fabulous new home (maybe she’ll let us post some pictures) she has managed to finish some new designs which are going into production very soon.  So exciting!

Sep 1 2014

Happy Labor Day

We hope you are all enjoying the last drops of summer.

Beebs and Bess wishes you all a Happy Labor Day!

Jan 7 2014

Holiday Reflections and

Beebs and Bess wishes everyone all the best for 2014!!!  Our first Holiday Season was wonderfully successful and oh,so much fun!

We started with a bang at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in lovely Middleburg, Va.  Dagmar graciously welcomed us as houseguests in her delightful home (filled with all things Dagmar!) and hilariously helped us at the show.  We were thrilled to meet many of her very stylish, friendly, horse-loving fans.  Can’t wait to see them all again next year!

The next week, we hitched up the reindeer again for the 1st annual Christmas Show at the Cape Fear Academy in Wilmington, N.C.  Our Gidgets proved to be a big favorite for shoppers seeking stocking stuffers.  Met lots of jovial, interesting vendors (always part of the fun), and were able to do some shopping for ourselves!

On to Las Vegas, to show with our friends from Caracol Silver at the HUGE National Finals Rodeo.  WOW!  What a whole new world!!! A huge thanks to Elizabeth and Paul for making that wonderful opportunity possible.  They put Beebs and Bess up front and center amongst their fabulous offerings…we are totally grateful for their enthusiastic support and willingness to share knowledge gleaned over many years of experience.   Check out their website,

During the holidays we were finally able to fulfill our promise to make more videos demonstrating the different ways to use our Gidget.  Do have a peek – we’ve discovered a couple of very cool ways to use her.

Many, many thanks to all of our friends and customers who shopped via beeb, telephone, and in person in Beebs’ basement.  We hope the gals you were shopping for were well pleased with their gifts from Beebs and Bess!

We’re excited about new things happening in the new year. Dagmar is busy designing our Spring and Summer scarf collection – wait till you see her gorgeous new creations – they are to die for!

Once again, we wholeheartedly wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Oct 29 2013

The Dagmar Cosby Collection

Beebs & Bess is BEYOND excited to announce our collaboration with renowned folk artist Dagmar Cosby. Dagmar found one of our Gidgets used with a needlepoint belt in our favorite shop here in Winston-Salem, made a phone call and left a message….the rest is history. Dagmar has agreed to join us as a designer for our scarves, and WHAT a designer she is. Very much ingrained in the equestrian and hunt club world in Virginia, Dagmar’s natural inclination is to design for folks who would most appreciate those aesthetics. No doubt we could build our business solely on those designs featuring horses, hounds, foxes, pheasants, etc. They are truly unique, gorgeous scarves; Dagmar’s devotees are “scarfing” them up before we have even had a chance to get them on our website! She is excited to explore other genres so that we can appeal to a more diverse market with her exquisite designs. Please stay tuned! Several are in the pipeline for our Spring and Summer Collections …


Aug 14 2013

Press: WS Arts Magazine Feature

WS Arts Magazine Article Beebs & Bess

WS Arts Magazine article on Beebs & Bess 2013.

Beebs & Bess is featured in WS Arts Magazine, a Winston-Salem, North Carolina area publication highlighting arts, culture, and style in our hometown area in the August 2013 issue. View the magazine online and read our article on page 27 to find out more about how our vacations to Europe originally inspired our first scarfbelt and accessories ideas that lead to us launching Beebs & Bess. We chose our Winston scarf, pictured here, for this article of course. Available in Navy, Green, and Red, it has a trefoil design in delightful combinations that have proved to be one of our most popular scarf choices at our trunk shows.
Winston Scarf from Beebs & Bess.

Winston Scarf from Beebs & Bess.

See this news on the Facebook Post by Beebs & Bess.

Apr 11 2013

The Scarfbelt : designs for any style

One thing that we have realized while choosing prints and patterns for our scarves, is that we can’t really pigeon hole the designs into one particular style. There is really something for everyone.

When the show Mad Men premiered in summer 2007, there was a resurgence of the classic and sophisticated office looks of the late 1950s and early 1960s. Whether by tying a square silk scarf around the neck, or pulling a Jackie O by wearing a headscarf, the fashion statements of this era were back, and these vintage looks are still popular today. We love to wear our square Anne Scarf around the neck for a look that references this fashion moment in American history.  While sharp, sophisticated, and fitted looks were becoming the trend in the United States, in London in the 1950s and 1960s, the mod subculture was developing its own unique sense of style. Fashionable modelss like Twiggy were often photographed in graphic, colorful patterns, like the ones featured on the McLean scarf.

Ever since the rise of the hippie culture in the mid 1960s, there has been a demand for the “boho look”.  While we may not be hippies in practice, we still love the colorful, free-spirited influence this group has had on fashion. The trefoil design on our Winston Scarf is reminiscent of the Batik patterns that have always been popular in Bohemian fashion.

What’s great about these moments in fashion history is that they have remained on the cutting edge even 60 years later. We love that we can reference moments like this in the designs of our scarves.

Apr 11 2013

The Garden

After this seemingly endless winter, the Beebs & Bess gals are more than ready to let the sunshine in. To us, spring means bright colors and bold patterns.

The first place we like to go when the weather gets warm is to the garden. As we admire all of the spring blooms—tulips and daffodils galore! —we also manage to find plenty of inspiration for our Scarfbelts.

Our McLean scarf may be mod, but the patterns are like petals with beautiful pops of forsythia yellow, cherry blossom pink, and periwinkle purple. The floral shapes are also featured on the Morgan Scarf.

But the garden is not all about the flowers. Sometimes inspiration comes from the creatures within the garden. We are especially fond of the flitting, chirping, colorgful birds so adorable in nature and  perfect on a Beebs & Bess scarf. Avian embellishments really never go out of style, and we are very excited to play them up on our Nancy scarf that showcases beautiful birds, trees and other animals.

While we are planting bulbs that will bloom next spring, we are daydreaming about what beautiful garden details to include in our Scarfbelt patterns.

Apr 11 2013

A Day at The Races

The Gidget, as we like to call it, is elegance with a tougher edge, and is reminiscent of a riding boot buckle. With summer quickly approaching, and the upcoming Triple Crown Series upon us, now seems to be the perfect time to sport an equestrian look.

The Gidget is just the ticket for incorporating the equestrian trend. We love the idea of tying the Gidget around a wide-brimmed hat with one of our square silk scarves, slipping on a cocktail dress, and heading off to a day at the races, or at least to a Derby party.

Tying the Gidget around a hat is a fresher twist to the often over-embellished Derby hat. While we love Audrey Hepburn’s black and white ensemble in My Fair Lady, and Mia Farrow’s sumptuous white outfits in the 1974 movie version of The Great Gatsby, our take on hat fashion is a bit simpler. Classic, but not too fussy—a straw fedora, embellished with a beautiful silk scarf.

But the Gidget is not only for those who love the races. If you have the cowgirl spirit, the Gidget  provides an Americana edge no matter how you style it, whether used with our bandana-inspired Alexandra scarf and a pair of blue jeans, or dressed up with a white eyelet shift paired with cowgirl boots.

The Gidget is a truly versatile piece that creates a modern, but still classic look that can be dressed up or dressed down.