Scarf 101

Basic Fold

Basic Fold

For our square scarves, we use this classic fold most often – for both around the neck and the waist. It provides a clean, tailored look with either the Gidget or the Scarf Belt.


Step 1

Start with scarf fully open.


Step 2

Bring 2 opposite corners to meet in the middle of the scarf.


Step 3

Fold both long sides to meet in the middle.


Step 4

Repeat step 2.


Step 5

Fold the upper half over the lower.

Specifics for leather Scarf Belt & the Gidget:

Our Favorite Knot for scarfbelt and gidget

Shannon’s husband, Mike, taught us this version of a knot for men’s ties. It took us a bit of practice, but it has become our go to knot for belt options. Neat and trim and easy, once you get the hang!


Step 1

Starting with the basic fold, pull one scarf end through the top of an eyelet, then up and over the scarf.


Step 2

Bring the end down and around the back of scarf.


Step 3

Bring the end over the top loop and under the scarf and bottom loop.


Step 4

Pull belt to the right while pulling scarf end to the left and down to tighten knot.


Step 5

Adjust knot to preferred position and tuck scarf end under.

Options depending on your mood


We mostly use just the swivel snap part of the Gidget with our square silk scarves. The lighter weight of the hardware helps to keep your creation where you want it.


The Gidget tied around the waist with our favorite knot on one side and a simple knot on the other side with scarf end hanging down.


The Gidget tied around the waist with our favorite knot on both sides and the ends tucked under.


The Gidget tied around a hat. Adorable with our silk square scarves as well as our silk and cotton blends.


The leather scarf belt with our favorite knot on each side with ends tucked under.