The Story

Shannon and Beth first met as neighbors 19 years ago. They each had two children and carpooled for years.  During those years the two discovered that they had more in common than same-aged kids.  Whether it be to the ancient Appalachian Mountains or the sunny Tuscan fields in Italy, Shannon and Beth loved nothing more than to travel.

After long weekend trips stateside, the duo and their families  struck out for Europe.  Their first adventure was to Austria, where everyone had such tremendous fun that plans for future trips abroad were made while still there. These trips actually happened! While traipsing all over Europe and Great Britain, Shannon and Beth were able to experience first-hand the European fashion and design that had always been so intriguing to both.  Ideas to start their own company began to emerge…

When the kids ventured off from home, their parents wondered : “Hmmm…will it still be fun traveling together without the kids?“  Answer:  ABSOLUTELY!

Not only did they have fun, they found they had time to concentrate on shopping and garnering  ideas for the business they had  been dreaming about.

Back home , not long after their most recent vacation to Italy, the girls found yet another excuse to take a trip, this time on their own, to the Alabama coast.  This was not a typical carefree beach trip requiring sunscreen.  Sequestered  indoors with their computers, they began to plan the foundation of  the business that they had been envisioning for a decade.

Shannon and Beth are thrilled to finally launch Beebs and Bess.  Their collection offers colorful scarves, scarf belts and scarf fashion accessories that are both contemporary  and classic. The Beebs and Bess line dodges rigidity, allowing  you to increase the versatility of your existing wardrobe, whatever your age or lifestyle.